More has been added to the BDK details generator this week – Skin Details. Unlike others here, you only need to look at two columns, Skin Colour (simple) + Condition OR Skin Colour (Complex) + Condition, not both.

A full version of the BDK page is at the bottom, and as before, clicking on the headers will take you to the appropriate pages

Skin Details
# Skin Colour (Simple) Skin Colour (Complex) Condition
#1 Chocolate Cinnamon Translucent
#2 Green Umber Inflamed
#3 White/Pink Cinnamon Made-up
#4 Olive Earthy Raw
#5 Amber Sorrel Thin
#6 Black Currant Healthy
#7 Reddish Umber Pliable
#8 Albino Ochre Sickly
#9 Albino Other colour Clear-headed
#10 Creamy Sepia Luminescent


Background & Details
Quick Age Old
Gender Female
Species Minotaur
Profession Blacksmith
Personality Youthful
Family Parents Mother Terminal, close to death
Father Alive, but ill/weakened/old etc.
Marital Status Still together, married
Relationship with character Strict and trying to control everything
Siblings Siblings 2 (2 younger Female,Male)
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship Married
Children Children No children
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Work/Profession college with a Other Troll Ranger who is Dependent
Physical Details Size/Weight in relation to typical Height 6 % above
Weight Average/typical
Looks Looks/apparent age Slightly younger
Background Hometown Hometown name Spinpore
Distance to Hometown Neighbouring country
Time spent there Most of their life
Size of hometown Large Town
Primary aspect/nature of hometown Academic/Student/Learning
Residence type there Medium
Income Primary Income source Mining/Resources
Secondary Income source Other
Languages Language Home/Native and common tounge only
Literacy Literacy level (general) Mostly wrong
Habits Drinking Consumes food/drink as fast as possible
Eating Takes more than they can finish
Sleeping Sleeps on their front
Personal Details Body Type Type Firm
Clothing Style Loose
Accessory Belt
Demeanour/Behaviour Demeanour/Behaviour Aggressive
Education Highest Level/Equivalent Home Schooled
Face/Head Ears – Description Plugged
Eyes – Colour Blue
Eyes – Condition (Left/Right) Blind in this eye/Fine
Eyes – Description Flickering
Eyebrow Colour Same as main hair
Eyebrow Condition Abundant
Facial Structure Triangle
Lips Something Else
Nose Short
Teeth condition Small
Hair Colour Salt and pepper
Condition Highlights
Style Messy
Quirk & Secret Quirk Fears strangers
Secret Werewolf
Skin Details Skin Colour Olive
Skin Condition Frail

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