STA: Damocles Preview – Captain Ragar Prur and Commander T’Sang

As promised, today I’ll be showing off the two main NPCs stationed on the USS Damocles, my upcoming Star Trek Adventures game (first tester session this Saturday – meep!) – Captain Rager Prur and the XO , Commander T’Sang.

Their backgrounds are not being fully listed here for two reasons:

  • I don’t want to put too much out there right now
  • I can change bits of it if I desire
  • It gives me  room to explore and expand their backgrounds if needed

The characters were, for the most part, created using the Life-path system presented in Star Trek Adventures. Granted it seems a bit of work to start with, but once you have created a character with it, you can see how the characters background almost writes itself, with place of birth, upbringing etc.  There is a chance some of the smaller details may change, such as ages or background info, but this won’t happen much.

I have also included their character sheets (in pdf format). If you wish to use them in your own games you are more than welcome

Captain Ragar Prur

Captain Ragar Prur

Age – 45

Gender – Male

Species – Trill (Unjoined)

Born as the middle child with a twin sister (Melia) on the Trill homeworld to a family raised in Starfleet, it was a given from an early age that Ragar would apply to join as well. He had a love of starships from an early age, being able to tell the difference between various classes and re-call their pertinent information. Although he proved later to lack the skill in engineering, it was this love of the vessels that carried crew to the stars that helped earned his place in the academy.

During one of his many academy expeditions, Prur literally stumbled into what was to be classed a new life form. This creature wasn’t like anything the young Trill had seen before, a beetle-like creature that was sentient, evil looking, yet quite gentle and friendly. This encounter left a mark on the young ensign and his instructors were quite pleased when his marks in Xeno-biology shot up.

When it came time to apply to become hosts, Ragar was disappointed to discover that he was considered not suitable as a host. However, this was mitigated when his twin sister was and she gained the Dravin symbiont. Sadly, Melia Dravin was killed many years later during the Dominion war whilst his ship was a diplomatic/rescue mission.

Many though this event would cause Ragar to snap, to hate the Dominion. But if anything it made him stronger. The Counselors who treated Ragar were very impressed by his reluctance to hate those that killed his twin, but they did notice he got a bit uncomfortable around joined trills, but not to a level that concerned them.

Approximately 10 years after the Dominion war, Prur was offered his own captaincy, on board a ship-class based on an older design, called the USS Damocles.

Taking it from the shipyards to the DS9 to begin its shakedown cruise and pick up the first batch of crew.

Commander T’Sang

Commander T’sang

Age – 80

Gender – Female

Species – Vulcan

T’Sang, the only child of T’Long (mother) and Surmek (father) grew up on Vulcan.  As much as a Vulcan child could be loved, she was. Her life was not hard by any means and her family, although considered to be well off, never flaunted their “wealth” and saw the merit in helping others and, as much as possible, embracing other cultures. They lived by the tenant of IDIC, so when T’Sang was of age, it was the logical choice for her to apply to join Starfleet.

During one of many away missions after graduating, T’Sang lead the mission into an Orion pirate stronghold by mistake. Her lack of experience in combating Orions’ led to their capture where the lead pirate thought it would be amusing to remove her right arm for attempting to try a nerve pinch on him and watch her bleed to death.

Successfully rescued before she could bleed out, T’Sang was fitted with a prosthetic arm. As much as a Vulcan could be ashamed, she was. It was in therapy for this injury she met a young Trill named Ragar Prur. In many ways he helped her more than the therapists did, his calm demeanor reminding her of her father in many ways.

Seeing that this friendship worked well for them, Surmek a retired Admiral, requested that his daughter be placed on the same ship as Prur. Starfleet agreed as they saw the benefit. A few years after being stationed on the same ship, the USS Artemis, they got the chance to capture the very same Orions that injured T’Sang years before. Developing a new tactic to combat them, they soon captured and arrested all the pirates, without a single life lost on either side.

Not long after this T’Sang was offered a promotion to Captain, but she refused. She recommended Prur instead, a move that Surmek agreed was “most logical”. When Prur accepted the Captaincy of the USS Damocles, there was only one choice as far as he was concerned for his XO, a position she accepted immediately and without hesitation.


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