Today I added the Tattoo Generator to the site. A sample can be seen below. It’s also been added to the main Backgrounds & Details generator but assumes that the character has a tattoo. If they don’t or you don’t want the character to have one, then you can ignore this section. As always, clicking on the various headers will take you to the appropriate generator page.

Tattoo generator sample

# Location Coloration Quality Reason Type
#1 Shoulder – Left Black outline Childlike Group/Tribe initiation Heraldry – other
#2 Torso – Front Multi-coloured Miscoloured Group/Tribe initiation Tool – other
#3 Torso – Back Other colouration method Miscoloured Got drunk Text – in a foreign language
#4 Hand – Left Minor spots of colour Very Bad/Mistranslated Owed a favour to the artist Wings – monster
#5 Lower Leg – Right Quarter coloured, rest black Upside down Owed a favour to the artist Pattern – simple shapes
#6 Buttocks – Left Half coloured Fading/Old Owed a favour to the artist Text – in characters language
#7 Lower Leg – Left Black outline Covering another tattoo Paid to get it done Dream catcher
#8 Hand – Left Black outline Temporary Dared to get it done Lock and/or key
#9 Upper Arm – Left Minor spots of colour Covering another tattoo Punishment Text – other (negative)
#10 Upper Leg – Left Black outline Temporary Paid to get it done Dream catcher


Full Sample

Background & Details
Quick Age Teen/Young Adult
Gender Male
Species Half-Orc
Profession Beggar
Personality Loving
Family Parents Mother Terminal, close to death
Father Alive and well
Marital Status Still together, married
Relationship with character Quite close, practically friends
Siblings Siblings 1 sibling (older Other)
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship In a relationship, partner having an affair (unknown affair)
Children Children 3 children (Male-Typical parent/child relationship, Female-In contact, but not really caring, Female-Parents are smothering/overcompensating)
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Childhood friend with a Male Half-Elf Bower who is Clever
Physical Details Size/Weight in relation to typical Height Average/typical
Weight Average/typical
Looks Looks/apparent age Much older
Background Hometown Hometown name New Rossfleet
Distance to Hometown 1 countries away
Time spent there Just moved there this week
Size of hometown Private estate
Primary aspect/nature of hometown Trade
Residence type there Slum
Income Primary Income source Bank/Interest
Secondary Income source Farmland
Languages Language Home/Native only
Literacy Literacy level (general) Mostly wrong
Habits Drinking Takes leftovers with them to consume later if possible
Eating Follows all etiquette rules when possible
Sleeping Can go from sleep to waking almost instantly
Personal Details Body Type Type Wobbly
Clothing Style Too small/revealing
Accessory Jewellery
Demeanour/Behaviour Demeanour/Behaviour Well-bred
Education Highest Level/Equivalent Apprenticeship
Face/Head Ears – Description Missing
Eyes – Colour Hazel
Eyes – Condition (Left/Right) Fine/Fine
Eyes – Description Cat-like
Eyebrow Colour Umber
Eyebrow Condition Combination – Plucked & Narrow
Facial Structure Triangle
Lips Fleshy
Nose Wide
Teeth condition Buck-toothed
Hair Colour Tawny
Condition Dandruff
Style Pompadour
Quirk & Secret Quirk Injures themselves constantly
Secret Trained in rare killing techniques
Skin Details Skin Colour Milk
Skin Condition Tarnished
Tattoos (assuming character has one) Location Torso – Front
Colour Other colouration method
Quality Minor errors
Reason Dared to get it done
Type Symbol – other

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