This week we’re back to a semi-normal schedule with a new generator now live. Taken from the BDK2, it’s the turn of traits. This gives you a positive and a negative personality trait for your characters. The downside to this random generation is occasionally you do get apparently contradict results like Quiet and Loud, but with a bit of thought this can still be useful, such as someone alternating between Quiet and Loud radomly.

Click on the link in the table header to be taken directly to the generator page

Positive Trait Negative Trait
#1 Affable Spoiled
#2 Genuine Trust Issues
#3 Resourceful Undependable
#4 Tidy Acts Superior
#5 Gentle Player
#6 Determined Lazy
#7 Loyal Unstable
#8 Resourceful Naive
#9 Modest Spaz
#10 Scrupulous Avoids problems

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