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Good [insert appoproate timezone greeting for your location here] . Got another weekly update for you!



Got the content done for the next planned PDF and its a version of the Creature concepts, but this time was brilliantly named by Oskar on twitter as “Futuristic Cryptozoology”. I really liked the title and the idea within has the potional to be made into a QGE (Quick Gen expanded) or even a full title. One of the issues with being a creative type person is “so many ideas, so little time” – That and knowing that if you pished youtself too hard to do them all, burnout is a real thing.


World Anvil/Easthalen

At the moment, the WA articles are once a fortnight. I might be able to start doing smaller ones every week, instead of the longer ones once a fortnight. Will have a think about that. I rekon having a list of articles I want to do, like showing off my WA To-di list might help with that, but, as usual, not making any promises on that. I really want to do more with WA, but the mental energy keeps letting me down in that regards, not the system. Wonder if there is a way I can set up a wordpress page to show off/have in read mode my to-do list?

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

  • Steaming/NMS. Have got to the end of streaming NMS now. Will still keep playing the game but , for me at least, in that stage where it’s fun for me to just bimble about gathering things and so on, but is a bit boring to watch. I have the freighter, I have the gear I want (just need to upgrade). The last task is the living ship and sadly that is time-gated in that each stageyou have to wait approximatly 20 hours before working on the next.
  • Related to the above – Tried streming as a sortof one of last night some overwatch. Had great fun with a new for me character Babtiste, who is a support type. Still prefer my main D’ve, but when I do want to play support/healer, think I have found a good one. Sadly, there was some MAJOR streaming issues/OBS issues with disconets. Not sure if it was OBS, twitch or OW causing them, or even a combo. Until thats sorted or i figure out what, will probably be going back to ESO for a little while.
  • ESO – I have made some off-stream progress with things and still have a TON more to do with that. I think I did say that ESO would be my “game I will pla when I have issues with other stuff” game
  • Vids – Because of the issues with the OW streams, I had to delete the vid. It was choppy, cut into multiple parts etc. Which is a shame as the game was great fun.
  • Watch Party – We get to the end of Season One tonight of the Farscape watch party, then after a short break, we start on season two!!


Goals and To-Do List

Goal Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,091 2000 909
Twitter – Tweets 38201 50,000 11,799
Twitch – Followers 222 500 278
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 13 100 87
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 13 1000 987
Youtube – Uploads 179 200 21
Youtube – Views 468 10,000 9,532

Definalty not been a major  change in things, but, that also means not been a major loss either.

Weekly Goal Done?
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one Y
Add a pdf collection or item to itch Y
Uploaded stream to YT Y & N
World Anvil Article Y

Other Stuff

I mentioned before that I am working on using FoundryVTT, or at least learning it. Its defonalty not for beginners, but to fair, it doesnt market itself as such. However, for me at least, the flexibility and configuration and self hosting makes up for that. I still really enjoy using Roll20, but it does lack the ease of customisation and tweaking that FoundryVTT does. But thats the beuty of things here. Roll20 is great for those who are limited on a budget and just want a VTT system without having to worry about setting things up too much, so people who are new to using VTTs would do well with Roll20, with FoundryVTT for people like me who like to tinker and get things in a certain way or want to do more. Frankly, I can see myself alternating between the two for a long time.


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