Another quick update as it’s semi-boiling here right now and me + heat = summon the chunder fairy – i.e. it makes me nauseous.



Content for the next PDF “Equipment Maker #10 – Cocktail Details” is done it just needs to be transferred into the document and formatted etc. Huzzah. However, with the afore mentioned nausea, it *might* be delayed by one day next week and come out on a Tuesday, but thats not a definite thing to happen, just it *might* happen, all depends on the next few days.



Its a good news, bad news, good news situation with streaming right now.

  • Good News – I sorted out the issue with the audio desync on VODs/Clips etc. Turns out I had accidentally set one of the colour/videos settings to one it didn’t need to be set to – the colour palette was set to full and needed to be partial.  This was causing the Twitch end of things to render vids a tad slower. its useful for high end vids and so on, but the majority of people, including me, dont need it.
  • Bad news – The streaming PC is dying. its overheating , the fans are borking out and even with cleaning and fixing the CPUs are overheating like mad. I should have enough time to copy over the important files i need…*crosses fingers*. A replacement is on the way but it means my emergency fund is basically gone….meeep!
  • Good News – Even though it cost a fair bit, I only needed to replace the base unit. And its more powerful than the last one – This, in theroy means games and streams should be improved…should be…

All the PDFs I wanted to upload to the store have now been done.  Not every PDF has been uploaded for various reasons such as the orginal PDF has been lost, or I am planning on updating it, or they never really sold that well so there is no point in putting them elsewhere. Now that stage has been done I can work on updating the on-site genrator pages. This will take a while and a few of the gens wont be updated for various reasons, but more will be added alongside the widget for the appropriate itch.oo product.


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