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It’s Wednesday and I’ve been a busy person this week and got more than I thought I would get done – So, on with the update 🙂



No new PDFs this week, as its the “off week”, but I *did* manage to get the next one, the planned “Quick Generator Extended – Generic Fantasy Surnames” done. For those unaware, the QGE series is still just two linked tables, but instead of them being d100 they can be each d200, d300 or even more, with an easy way of rolling on them. These are used for when I get a LOT of potential results for the QG series but have to trim things down to just 2 x 100 entries. Not all the QG series has this, but there is enough that the QGE series will be published irregularly when I get the chance. Some of the older QG series are already lined up to be brought out in a QGE edition.

Also, work, well, brainstorming, has begun on the next pdf, with the working title “SciFi Equipment – Cybernetics and Implants”, scheduled to come out the first week of November (If I get it done in time) or First week of December (if i don’t)


World Anvil

The WA article last week was one I did primarily for my players in my D&D game and covers the nature of dragons and their, well quirk, is the best way to describe things I feel.  Not sure what WA I’ll be doing this week, so there *may* not be one, but, as always, I will do my best to see that one is done.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

No Man’s Sky…well…holy fudge the story has good. I have been, well, busy with that and found a nice system for my perma-base, which has a decent amount of planets, some good variety, even if one of the planets has egg-like things on it that resembles a certain, shall we say, alien-like egg….Yes, I called the planet LV – 426…it had to be done hehe.  Things have got..well..watch the VOD if you can. But, like other things, I have found having a plan of operations is working well for me. Also, the freighter/carrier which I named Galactica..the warp in effect is just…*chef kiss*

  • Find a suitable system with 5 or 6 planets – done!
  • Find a paradise or non-dangerous world – done!
  • Find a suitable location for a base – possibly done (say possibly because not sure if the marker is still there)
  • Build perma-base – Not yet started

Farscape Watch along Wednesday – For a show that is now 20 years old, it holds up very well, even if the CGI is a tad dated. I have forgotten enough that certain things still make me laugh and others, like the first min of one of them which showed me something I had blanked from my mind was, well, lets just say a major phobia of mine. Still a damm fine show.


Goals and To-Do List

Not seen much increase in numbers, but that’s fine. I’ve not been pushing things, so any increases are going to be small for now

Goal Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,081 2000 919
Twitter – Tweets 36877 50,000 13,123
Twitch – Followers 219 500 281
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 13 100 87
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 13 1000 987
Youtube – Uploads 172 200 28
Youtube – Views 454 10,000 9,546

As for the tasks…

Weekly Tasks Did I do it?
Add a new generator to the gen page Y
Add a pdf collection to itch Y
Uploaded stream to YT Y
World Anvil Article Y

As you can see, did all the major weekly tasks since the last update. I *might* move WA off of this list as it’s not something I can do on a regular basis anyway, but, will leave there for now. Have added “upload to YT” as it also includes making the thumbnail, screenshot and so on. I used to just upload and that’s it – a real fire and forget approach.


Other Stuff

Two other things I did this week, which I happy with. The first is, in a moment of “oh my flip why didn’t I do this YEARS ago” moments, spent 20 mins creating a spreadsheet in excel that can auto-generate the table numbers for virtually any regular table I need, regular being it increases by an equal amount each entry etc. The next step is to try and make one that has a bell curve to the results, but I suspect this is going to be a LOT harder.

The second, is after a recommendation, to try out meditating again, with the aid of an app.  I have tried meditation in the past, but it was just before a really shitty period of my life started and I never picked it back up again. This is one of those “I am not sure how long I will do it, but even a little might help” sort of thing. Some people with ADHD say it can help, others dont, such is the nature of neurodiversity. But, it doesn’t hurt to at least give it another go right?


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