That time of the week again!


The last PDF “Equipment Maker #10 – Cocktail” came out on Monday. And it got into the top 20 Small press on DrivethruRPG. Which was nice.


Ohh boy…this week has been….interesting…Got the new PC, set that up, a few settings didnt cross over correctlty, but that was fine as it was expected. All in all, that part of things went very well.


  • Internet speed is half what it should be due to a ethernet connection issue (not horrible, but jarring to notice from my end)
  • Got a copy of Horizon Zero dawn gifted (yay), but was unplayable due to optimzation issue (boo) – but is getting a new patch soon thats meant to sort that (yay…?)
  • HZD issues was not a problem as i had AC:Oddy loaded and ready ro rock, fine and dandy you might think? You’d be wrong…very wrong….

So tried loading up Assassins Creed Orgins. Now this game has been out for a little while now on PC and my machine is definatly in the “can play it rbut not at ultra settings” range and..well..My plan was to start on low graphics and crank up , to allow for stream/OBS stuff as well. A good plan? Yes…in theroy…Loaded up game, took a while, but wasnt that concerend as I had just closed HZD and thought “oh could be a bit of memory leak, it happens”. When ACO decided to load up, made the change…only for it to restart…sigh…ok…lets start again. Made all the changes made sure subtitles were on, the standard stuff, then pressed start.

5 mins later (no exageration) the game had STILL not loaded. Thought it had crashed (again it happens, new pc etc etc), only to find out after some reserarch that I am not the only person having this issue. HZD i was sort of expecting to go wibbly, but oooh dammit ACO annoyed me. So wont be playing that on stream and will give HZD another go once the update comes out.

STO and ESO however…look…amazing on max settings 😀

Sopo on Thursday, will be playing the next game on my “to play” list – Prison Architect


Other Stuff

You will have noticed the theme for the site has changed. The older one was an much odler theme i have had for i think 5+ years. With the latest wordpress update, it has borked some things with regards to the theme/design. The one present right now is one of the free wordpress ones. I’ll be taking this as a chance to update the theme and find a new one i am happy with, so expect the theme to change again soon. If the older one gets update then will be going back to that, but for now, will be using this one.

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