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It’s now officially Autumn/Fall and tome for another quick update on things!


No new PDF this week. And there wont be one next week either. With some months having odd number of weeks and so on, sometimes things go “out of sync” and it takes a while before I can things back into alignment again, with the larger PDF out the first week of the month and the smaller, sometimes companion one being in the second half. So next week, no PDF will be released, but some new bundles and so on will be put out.


World Anvil

The second part of the article about the Cartographers Guild of Easthalen is out and covers the ranks and titles.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page



I dont use my discord channel enough as I should. I will be honest, sometimes I find it hard to understand the layout of discord etc and every so often it confuses me with what is going on. BUT I am improving in that department. My aim is to read/visit discord at least once a day. The more I use the easier to understand/mentally process it will be, but, like many other things in my life, this is not something i can rush. However on brad brain days, the mental process will just mean it wont click. Not a discord issue, just my brain being a twit.



Been working on snazzing up and improveing the look of both the channel page and the vids – its a gradual rpcoess for me as there is a lot to learn , but with some tools I have found and recomeneded to me (Thanks Ginny on twitter!) Things are definatly looking , well, more improved.

Youtube channel



ESO is really progressing nicely now I have made it my main game. Getting close to the end of the second base game arc in the Ebonheart Pact.

The Watch Party continues tonight and we’re starting on episode 1 to 3 of FARSCAPE! I susoect though that the first two episodes are a two parter, but we’ll see. The plan is to eventually watch all 4 seasons with  a movie or so between seasons to refresh the mental pallete.


Goal Tracker

Something I’m starting (well trialing if i am honest)  soon is a Goal Tracker. This is mainly for me to see what progress etc has been made for subs/followers and so on. This will mainly be for streaming/YT to begin with as certain goals unlock things. Such as a custom URL for YouTube, monetization and so on.  This will be handy for other things as well. Once I have figured out a format that make it easy for me to update and doesnt take 20 mins to just change one entry (for example) then I will add it to this weekly update. Will brainstrom a format later.




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