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A short one today, not much to cover because i have been taking it easy….Mostly…lol



Quick Generator – Futuristic Cryptozoology came out and did ok. Its set off a few ideas that have been added to to ideass/to-do list.

World Anvil

Using my rpg campaign progress, in that the article of the week/bi-weekly is related to events that occur in some way is helping to give more WA content AND flesh out the game world at the same time.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

  • Streaming – ESO:  ESO has for me, become my default game now. Each session/episode I am treating as a thing in its own right, so no episode numbers, only vauge bit of plots linking them together etc. And I am ok with that 🙂
  • Streaming – Farscape Watch Party : Not much to say here really, cant go into too much without spoiling things. There was some minor audio issue on a vid, but hopefully that was a small/rare thing.
  • On the first of december there will be no stream from me as it is the start of Jingle Jam charity drive and this is one thing I do not miss. Will remind people on streams about this.
  • Vids – Think i have sorted out the upload/YT issue. Looks like as i thought it was a chrome extension clash issue for some rerason. Turning them off then doing things then back on again seemed to have reset it. Time will tell.


Goals and To-Do List

Goal Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,102 2000 898
Twitter – Tweets 38857 50,000 11,143
Twitch – Followers 222 500 278
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 18 100 82
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 18 1000 982
Youtube – Uploads 182 200 18
Youtube – Views 473 10,000 9,527


Weekly Goal Done?
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one N
Add a pdf collection or item to itch Y
Uploaded stream to YT Y
World Anvil Article Y

No generator this week as I was taking things easy.

Other Stuff

Nothing much except that as a free tip, when working on adatabase, make sure that you name thing properly , so you dont delete the wrong one by mistake…like I did lol



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