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Its that time of the week again and it’s a short one again.



No new PDFs out this week – With some months being almost 5 weeks long, it can throw out the system I have for “larger PDF at the start of the month and a smaller one in the second half”. So every-so-often I have to “reset” things by extending the duration between releases. This week was one such week. So, instead, added a few new bundles to the DrivethuRPG bundle page , and they will, in turn, get added to itchi collection page as well.



Started streaming No-mans Sky this week again. I stopped playing/streaming it when after about 3 hours my work got deleted by a very rare save-bug that undid all my work. And last night I thought I had it again – but the panic wasn’t needed as this time it was just a small delay in rending the base details after using a teleporter. phew! Will be playing it for a while, until either I get bored, frustrated, fancy a change or Cyberpunk comes out, you know, the normal stuff.

Something I have started doing with NMS and will continue from this point on with new games I stream is putting a #X in the title. ESO etc is too far along for this to work and would be confusing for people.


Goals & To-do/Task List list

I mentioned last time about goals I am setting myself and will be publishing them as part of the weekly update – I am using SocialBlade and some clever google sheets tomfoolery to auto-import them and give me the value you see below. These are listed below. The to-do list is for major things and not regular items like the PDFs and so on. It is a way to *try* and trick myself into doing the stuff I want to do, but the ASD/ADHD just goes “naah mate” – I’m not going to punish myself or be too hard on me If I don’t do it – Sometimes bad brain days happen and you have to learn to be gentle on yourself. But having defined goals written down should help me.


Goal Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,070 2000 930
Twitter – Tweets 36292 50,000 13,708
Twitch – Followers 218 500 282
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 13 100 87
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 13 1000 987
Youtube – Uploads 168 200 32
Youtube – Views 448 10,000 9,552


Task List

Example of what the task list will look like – This will be expanded over time and cover the time period between each weekly update.

Major To-do List Did I do it?
Weekly Add a new generator to the gen page



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