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It is Wednesday and time for the weekly update on things.


The latest PDF “Corporation Overview Maker” came out on Monday and is already Copper rated on DrivethruRPG!  This was very unexpected but very much welcome!


The next two planned PDFS are a Quick Gen Extended for Generic Fantasy Surnamesand a Cybernetics Implant details generator. The QGE is, essentially, the same as a normal QG, but instead of each table being 100 entries long they are 200. This is something I am trialling to allow me to take some of the original QGs and, well, make them bigger. The Cybernetics Implant Generator is next months *planned* main release, assuming things go well/


World Anvil

Got a WA article planned for Thursday that covers the dragons of Easthalen, who, unlike their counterparts in other worlds, have a curious and possibly unique aspect to them.

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

  • Game – No Mans’s Sky – Started streaming No Mans sky and …wow…there is os MUCH more in this than I thought. Living ships, carriers, and more. I managed to get a new fighter ship that was more manoeuvrable than the previous one and..well..I’ll be posting a clip later today on twitter that will show you the results of that 😀
  • Watch Party – Farscape Season 1 – 6 episodes down in the first season, the next 3 (7,8 & 9) tonight.  There are, IIRC, 22 episodes in Season 1


Goals and To-Do List

Goal Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,069 2000 931
Twitter – Tweets 36557 50,000 13,443
Twitch – Followers 217 500 283
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 13 100 87
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 13 1000 987
Youtube – Uploads 170 200 30
Youtube – Views 449 10,000 9,551


Major To-do List Did I do it?
Add a new generator to the gen page x
Add a pdf collection to itch Y
World Anvil Article x

2/3 goals not met this week. Not happy with that, but as I said last week, this is more of a “What I am aiming to do rather than I *must at all costs* do” list.



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