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It’s about time I gave an update on the state of things here for me right now.

Last month/start of February, I had one of my worst anxeity/despression attacks in…well…my life. It went on for almost two weeks solid and when it ended I was exausted to the point that I slept more in 3 days than i had in the previous 2 weeks.  I suspect the booster jab set it off, but then the “negative spiral” of thoughts began. I am, mostly back to normal operating parameters, but not quite there yet. This is a round about way of explaining that next month (March), there will probably not be any PDFs out as i need to catch up on my scedule. Whilst I was able to do quite a few things, it was less of creative side of things (PDFs) and more the “essential but simple and time consuming tasks” got done, but even that was a struggle and something that on a good week would take me an hour maybe two, was taking me half a day.

Ironically, one of the things I *did* manage to get done was setting up (or more correctly, remaking) an old idea I had – The twitter-based content bot –


Twice a day, it will take content from some of my active perchance-based generators and output it. I am quite proud of that and it was something that had been sitting on my “to-do” list for quite a while, espically given the above mentioned  mental health issues I was having. I will add more content to it as and when I can. To begin with it will mostly be content from the “Quick Generator” series as they are perfect for this format, but smaller parts from other generators might be featured at some point.

Another idea that has been moved up the to-do list, but is still very much in the “it will be done when its done”  mode of things, is something for the blog/publication and is about tile-packs, what i am provisonally calling in my notes “Adventure Packs”. In this would be a room/map tile, with its contents semi-randomly created by my generators  (such as name, smells descriptions, interesting NPCs and so on) – The thought now occurs to me that themed “content packs” could be expanded into other ideas/concepts.

Right now, I am planning on using DungeonDraft to make the map tiles/rooms. They have a very genrous commercial use terms of agreement, the only major concern for me is I have to make sure that any other assets I use in their program I have the rights to use in a commercial product, which is 100% understandable.

I am also making a small tweak to the blog content. Whilst, as before, I will only be publishing stuff on the blog as my mental and physical health allows, the “Theme of the week” idea has REALLY helped me, so will be sticking with it.

The revised blog content will now be as follows:

  • Monday – PDF Hilight – This will be either a new one published that week, or a hilight of an older one. This sets the theme for the week (TOTW).
  • Tuesday – Content such as new generators, for the EG content twitter bot, samples from what I am working on etc
  • Wednesday – World Anvil Article, related to the TOTW.
  • Thursday – World Building/10 questions about….again, related to the TOTW.
  • Friday – Lists (d100 or d20) related to the theme
  • Sat + Sun – Will be rare I publish stuff on these days, but will generally be important stuff that cant wait until Monday.

Essentially, it doesnt mean that there will be content put out on here everyday, but,if i DO put something out it will be appropriate for the day. So if I put something out on a Wednesday, it will be a WA article, on a Friday a list etc.


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