Time for an update on things. I have been adding to the list page every weekday for almost the last week now. One of my goals was to add at least one list (or list part) and so far I have been adding three! In the process i came up with an idea that may or not work, time will tell.

The Lists main page will feature the current list collection I am working on – which at the moment is Positive adjectives. When this collection is complete I will then move to it’s own page, which will be linked to the main list page. So in effect, there will be two parts. Links to previous lists and the current one on the same page. This is an experiment of sorts. If the pages become too bloated or take too long to load, please let me know as I have no other way of knowing. If the collections are too big for one page they will be split up and so on.

If I get the chance, will be looking into learning more about the Perchance system and what it can do to make generators more snazzy and better looking.

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