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Got a few topics to cover today, but nothing bad, just need to let folks know about the state of things etc.



Every couple of years or so, due to, let us say a “quirk” of our calendar system, my publication schedule goes out of sync with things. I generally aim to bring two items out a month, on the first and third Monday. But, due to the aforementioned quirk, with Feb being shorter and March being a longer month, sometimes the difference is almost an entire week and that messus things up more than I like.

So, this week, where I would normally be either highlighting a PDF or bringing out a new one, I’m instead re-listing my OGL products on DTRPG (see OGL section below) and working on another project.


This means that the theme for the week is “misc/whatever.”



Now that the OGL situation has been, whilst not exactly 100% resolved, the panic a lot of OGL publishers like me has been dealt with (for now at least), I feel like I can put my OGL products, like the Fantastic Feat series etc back on sale.  Some of the items will still be converted to non-ogl versions at some point, but that is less of an issue now. This includes some of the bundles associated with them.


Other News

I’m taking this week to work on an ongoing-do-when-I-can project I am calling the “Content Pack” series.  Inspired in by name from the PDF/POD book, this takes my existing content and combined several of them into one themed pack, such as villages, starships etc in a system-free, mostly ready to use for any game format.  Whilst this is not a project that is very complicated, it IS time consuming and like others is one I can only do when I have the time and health to do so. The advantage of this project is that, for the most part, a large chunk of the work has allready been done over the last few years.


Overall it’s a positive update on things imo. Yes I’m grumbling about the calandar tomfoolery, but this happens every couple or years or so as it gets out of sync, but as mentioned above, gives me a chance to work on other things!


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