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Ok folks, got some stuff to cover about various things. Wont be a long post , I promise!


The Bad

OK, first off the “bad” stuff. I had a nice plan for January with regarding posts, work and so on. Then, my body decided to say “flip that” and several ongoing health issues hit at once. I’m still not 100% fully recovered but it does feel like the worst is over – Ironically, mentally, i’m feeling great, its the body letting me down this time – many lols were had at that. So my plans for more regular blog posts, site updates, generators etc etc have been put back until start of February instead.


The Good

The good thing is progress is , until the above-mentioned health blip, has been made. Being unable to do much apart from think about things for the last couple of weeks has allowed me to come up with some good ideas for possible projects.


The What Now?

Ok, so, the OGL situation in the TTRPG world right now. I wont go into it here, but , for now I have temporary removed all my OGL stuff from DTRPG , pending the outcome of this situation.  Once I know 100% what is going on with that, then might put them back on sale. But for now..well…


TL:DR – Was ill things delayed, feeling better, things going weird with OGL.


Thats it, like I said, just a quick one today!

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