Work is progressing nicely on the current PDF for release next week. It will be called “Empire Builder – Fortifications” and gives you a basic set of details regarding fortifications, which covers walls, towers and so on. It won’t be “all you will ever need” type of pdf, as I would not have the time or energy to do that, but like other PDFs I have done, a good starting point or to help you fill in the blanks.

In other news it seems I am currently spoilt for choice now with regards to Word/Phrase lists, as the thought occurred to me that I don’t have to limit myself to just a single word. I can have the “Assorted Slang and Terminology” put into lists to help promote them, World and character building prompts and so on.

As before, I am still looking into and searching for any other companies or bloggers that makes tables and lists for permission to use their content in the generators, in a cross-promotion sort of thing. if you know of any or those that have a OGL/Licence that would allow me to use their content on this site, please let me know.

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