That time again to cover what I been upto and EG related things.


The PDF for this week was released called “Name Maker Real World Volume 2 – German” – Has done reasonably well, but is a bit of a niche product so I am not expecting mega sales from it – That’s not putting it down just I know  the it covers a very small area , especially when compared to others I have brought out.


In January I will probably not be bringing out any PDFS as I take some time off and do some needed prep for real life stuff – So I still have an income, I will be doing something – if you follow me on Twitter


World Anvil

Two new things regarding WA this week – The first is another updated Article – The Surgical Scissors – World Anvil Article Page

The second is something I am nerding out about – A dictionary feature – Combined with Vulgang, I have been able to make a pretty decent language for Halenic (The language of Magic) , but I really need to learn how it works properly before what is there is  finalized. The placeholder language can be found HERE – But as i say, it probably WILL change before i am 100% happy with it as I need to add in various magic related terms and so on first, such as the schools, domains and so on. But that is a project for future Chris

World Anvil Easthalen Page




A short recap of the streams this last week or so:

  • M – ESO – Started a new region . Have realised that with regards to gear I am pretty much where I want to be. I could get new gear from dungeons and raids, but its a very low priorty.  My crafter “Bob” needs to level up, but its more so i can make his skills for making furnishings go up. Aslo a reminder to myself – when your character steals a 6k staff from a trove, make sure you dont get caught or that and all other “aquired” goods totaling almost 9k are confiscated
  • T – STO – Is starting to become one of the most popular streams of the week. Have started on a new arc now and is at the point where, for me at least, the game starts to get really good
  • W – GW2 – Had major internet issue last week preventing me form playing GW2…grrr
  • T – LOTRO – Still in Bree/Barrows downs area, but met a certain Tom Bombadil in the Old forest, which was nice
  • F – Outer Worlds – I love this game – Have all but one companion and still working on clearing Monarch
  • S – STA – Technical issues (not my fault this time) With both Discord and Roll20 made the stream a no-go. It sounded like there was major API issues and DDOS attacks, but things went very odd that day

Twitch – Main


Other Stuff

  • Future planned stream game for the Fridays will be back to Stardew Valley Multiplayer for a while – There has been a new major update with a ton of stuff including a new multi-player map. Will probably have a pre-defined cut-off point (like 3 in game years or someting) and see what can be done within that time frame
  • DMSGuild – A while ago i made a jokey thing , never meant for publication, based on the Deck of Many Things, called “The Deck of Decks” where there was 52 card/entries and each led to its own sub-deck of things. Some were good, some amusing, some bad etc. It needs a ton of work, but as a idea has some potential. It will be unbalanced as hell and a definate campaign wrecker if you pull a bad draw. The pla is though to at some point, bring it out on DMS guild as a jokey product, not to be taken seriously. Aiming for Aoril 1st release for obvious reasons.



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