It is Wednesday. Its that time again.


Last week saw the release of “Quick Generator – Alchemical Ingredient Names” , a quick way of generating names for alchmeical type ingredients, can also be used for potions ingredients as well.

Next week will be the release of “Injuries and Casualties” – it has some minor text changes to be made to it, but will be a way of generating what injuries your scfi-fi or modern characters might go through. Its not a “covers every possible injury” type of product, more a “these should be enough to get you started”


World Anvil

The last WA article for Easthalen , in the series about the deities and gods, covered Chaloe, NB twins who are the deities of nature – cruel and gentle, quite and rage.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




  • M – ESO – Got some new mounts and decorations for the manor-palace. Will at some point in the future do a “decorating” stream, but need to level up crafting and so on first.
  • T – STO – Last night did my favourite mission in the GQ Arc, if not the entire game, “Quarks Lucky 7”
  • W – GW2 – Hoooo boy. Turns out i finished the stream at the right moment as the next quest is going to be fighting the expansion boss and is the end of the Heart of Thorns storyline!
  • T – LOTRO – Getting to Evedim now, finished things of helping out a hobbit with a very suggestive name and finding a farm that grows “Old Tobey” – Basically a weed farm
  • F – Stardew Valley – Winter has arrived and I have a Golden Pumpkin ready to give Leah on her birthday

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Other Stuff

Working on something as a sort of side project right now. Cant say too much about it yet (in case it falls through) but it will be something nice to add to the list of things that i sell 🙂


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