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My latest PDF – “Quick Generator – Afterlife Namer” is out now and gives you a quick system for coming up with a name for the place where souls would go when they pass on.  Its a bit different from my normal ones in that on table one, the first 50 entries have a “good” vibe to them and the second 50 have a “evil” vibe, with good and evil being subjective of course.

Currently working on the first of a “resource pack” – A collection of tables that GMs and Players  sould find useful, based around a theme. Things like common tables, and so on. The first theme will be Science Fiction. Aiming for at least 20 x d20 tables, probably end up with more.

Lastly, thinking of having another “epic cheap bundle” sale in either end of December of January – Where any PDFS you allready have will reduce the costs of the bundle as well.


Easthalen/World Anvil

The latest World Anvil article from Easthalen came from a through-away moment in my last D&D game about entertainment whilst the group was on a transit system.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page



The new schedule is working out quite well for me. Having a definite “this is what I am doing today” thing helps a ton. I can still do stuff “off stream” like leveling a character but not progress the story and so on, but damm is it not hard to play a game like Outer World off stream where the whole game IS the story. Help for STO etc where, as the old saying goes, you don’t start to play properly until you hit the level cap.

At some point, I want to have custom loading screens for each day/game , buts that’s a problem for later, its a low prioty.

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Other Stuff

Something I have noticed a rather disturbing amount lately – and I will admit it might have always been there I just not seen it before – Is a disturbing amount of elitism, ranging from people not wanting others to stream, to a high amount of “If you not playing it this way, the way *I* am doing it you are doing it wrong..” and passing it off as a “hot take” or “just saying”…grrr….Not going to get into another rant about this, but damm does this need to GTFO.


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