Time for another weekly update on things. I think rather than having a good/ba breakdown, covering things by subject matter seems easier for me to structure and post. So, here we go…

Published PDFs

Last week saw the publication of my “Equipment Maker 8 – Ships“. Seemed to be well received and even, very briefly (but that was enough for me :)) to top the small press and “under $5” chart.


Other PDFs (not mine)

A PDF/DMs Guild PDf I had a hand with playtesting (the opening blurb is a reference to my character)  has been released by a friend of mine called The Ripper. A word of warning. This is NOT a player-friendly class, is designed for NPCs, and is, to be honest, a nasty class. But that’s the point. This is to help you create those downright evil, gnome killing murders who stalk their victims and horrible things to them. These entities are NOT the heroes. But if you are looking for a good villain for your game, this can help you in that regards.


Behind the Scenes

Some point soon will be time for the next part of my “behind the scenes” restructuring.  The first was sorting out the folders on my work machine. The next is the “to-do” list I use as a reference on what to make and design next.



Ooooh boy. This is a good month for me and Kickstarter. Kickstarters I have backed over the last year-18 months or so are starting to fulfil their obligations. I have had a ton of PDFs head my way and just yesterday Monte Cook Games sent notifications that about 6 items are now ready to send.



The end of the month the STA people, Modiphius, are bringing out the Alpha Quadrant Book, that focus on DS9 and the worlds near it, like Bajor, Cardassia and Trill and other stuff. As this is part of where my own STA game is  set, this is a big exciting deal for me 😀



FFXIV is amazing and very well done. Yet, I have hit another roadblock. There is a part of the story that demands speed and reasonable accuracy which is something I can struggle with. So, as I mentioned before, if this happens, rather then getting frustrated and angry etc, are taking a break whilst I try and do it “off-stream” as I literally cannot progress any further in the story until I do. In the meantime, I shall be starting a new Borderlands 2 playthrough. I have got to what is called “Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode” on my own with another character, but having a fresh one just for streaming sounds like a good idea to me.

This will be a “with viewers” kinda thing, where people can join in and drop in and out as needed. But I will be giving priority to people i know IRL and from chat , mainly so I know they won’t be a-holes and be racist, bigoted etc


World Anvil Summer Camp 2019

Been doing some really good progress, which can be seen HERE. Have done 18/30 prompts including a basic magic language, details on the Mage War and more. Once WASC2019 has ended, I’ll be going through the older articles (aiming for one every few days) and adding new stuff, really learning the ropes, tweaking things etc. It will be a perpetual “work in progress” but it’s really helping me to get my thoughts about Easthalen written down. I’ll probably be doing a regular highlight on it and reposting some of the content here. A few of the entries have been posted on this blog already, but more content never hurts right?



Anyway, I have to depart and get to work on the next WA prompt and content for the next PDF “1k Names for a Fantasy Setting” (working title) which should be out on Monday. Content is done it just needs putting into the tables.

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