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A new PDF came this week, part of the the “Quick Generator” series – “Quick Generator – Fantasy Genre Species Name”   It is similiar to the Creature Concepts but is more focused on sentient species names , such as for Dwarfs, Golems etc.


World Anvil

Last week WA entry was based of dish called “kæstur hákarl” (referred to as fermented shark or rotten shark in English). It really is as nasty as you think it was. A short article but was fun to imagine how people would react to it IRL.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




Hit a major issue with GW2 at the moment. Well, three to be exact.

  1. One of the maps NPC could not be interacted with in any way, which is kind of important
  2. Several of the NPCs/Mobs I had to target for one of the quests , despite being almost right on top of them, could not be hit
  3. After having these issues, decided to work on the story, when once again, I got to the end and it disconnected me, resessing the entire instance…agai

Have been doing some research and it seems like point 3 *may* be related to the router/hub I have, something about the port not always being open or such like. This is something that will take time to investigate and sort out, test etc. For now, GW2 is on hiatus (sigh) and moving things forward with regards to ESO.

ESO I have modded to heck and back , for both ease and accessibility. Downside is, it fills the memory up a ton and does cause the game to crash/disconnect every so often. But I am aware of this and as It’s mostly my fault with the large number of mods…

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The Prize Draw for (99% of) Ennead Games Back Catalogue of PDFS is almost ready. 19 more to go until 1k followers on twitter. See the post HERE for more details.




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