Howdy folks, its that time of the week again!



The latest PDF “Fake Dinosaur Names” is out and done quite well so far. The next companion piece will also be related to dinosaurs and be part of the Creature Description Range, #11 in the series!



World Anvil

Got distracted with doing other stuff last week, tommrows WA article will be a related tosomething that has happened in my DnD campaign and gives me an excuse to make an article about it. You will find out more tomorrow.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page



Other Stuff

Been adding more and more stuff to the Ennead Games page most days.  I wont be putting them all up, but most of them and new ones going forward. I am hoping to get the products page back and use the widgets for generator pages etc, but this is one of those “ongoing whilst I have the mental spoons/slots” to do it. I cant decide if i want to go with the larger widgets

or the smaller square one

So far, am leaning to the square one as it takes up less room, but the large one gives more details It looks like as well that if i change the price on it updates the widgets.

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