Weekly Update time – but there not that much to go through this week.



Injuries and casualties ” has done quite well and is now copper status on DTRPG woo! . It was suggested that a fantasy version be done and i think that is doable, with the core stuff being re-used (no point in reinventing the wheel) but the damage types being swapped to things like “necrotic” or “slashing” and so on. The next planned pdf witll be another in the “Helpful List Arbitary Collection” series.


World Anvil

Will be back tomorrow with details of the infamous “God Shards” – remnants of the original divine beings that allow mortals to ascend

World Anvil Easthalen Page




  • M – BL3 – Tweaked the visual setting down to low for a more smoother experinece and honestly, its still a fine looking game. Some things are “blured out” until you get close to them, but it seems to work. Also, the audio *seems* to be sorted. The tweaked set up is holding out…for now 😉
  • T – STO – The fleet is slowly building up resources, not mega fast buts is on ongoing project. Once have go to the end of the missions, will be going back to the start, with all my pimped out gear and crew and pretending its a time-travel shenigans event. Might make different choices, might not. Will be mausing either way.
  • W – GW2 – Oooh boy. I have made some mega-progress in GW2. Have beate the HoT boss, made good progress in the masteries, onto a new island, got a ton of masteries points and much more!
  • T – LOTRO – Sadly, no LOTRO last week due to my internet being sporadically off during the day due to engineering works.
  • F – SDV – Winter ends with Leah agreeing to be my characters GF. Year 2 will start of with new crops, and new goals!

Twitch – Main https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus



Other Stuff

Not much else to go though this week. The old virus has everyone on stress mode and mild panic, so for me , distracting myself with work and RPGS is a great way to reduce the mental load. Stay safe and indoors folks and wash yo hands!


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