Last update for my semi-break time. Its been relaxing for the most part and given me the time i needed to at least start on various IRL projects and things that have been needing to be done.




World Anvil

As I mentioned before, I want to go into more details of my gameworld Easthalen. Starting next week I’ll be covering the major gods, not inc Halen and the minor ones. The intro will give a breakdown of the three main pantheons and the nature of the deities.

World Anvil Easthalen Page



  • ESO – I have soooo much to do in ESO right now it’s silly, espically with the new expansion coming out soon as well. I might double up things for a little while to help me catch up, like on wednesday or friday etc. Otherwise I am going to be so far behind things I wont be able to show the new stuff off for YEARS
  • Last nights STO 10 year anniversary missions…wow…simply put…wow…I really want to talk about them but at the same time i dont want to spoil things. If you not seen Discovery S2 , be warned there are some MAJOR spoilers in the missions for various things.
  • GW2 – Hit a mission that is proving tricky..not bad..just one of “those” missions. I have done it before on a higher DPS character so know what I have to do, just is tricky. If i cant get help on it, then will have to do it off-stream so i can focus 100% on it. If i get stuck too much on stream will play more ESO (see above for reasons why)
  • LOTRO – slowely working through the game, getting all the quests done, talking nonsesne. its become the chill/chatting stream for the week and I love it.
  • Fridays – Last week had Jackbox 4 , which despite a couple of twits at the start went well. Will probably be playing Jackbox 3 or 5 this Friday, if not, ESO

Twitch – Main



Other Stuff

Real life things have settled into a good routine for now, not perfect, but I can see room for improvement without it being a stressful thing. Still got a long way to go, but the first steps are always the hardest 😀


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