Get comfy, got a fair amount to cover this week.



The new PDF for this week, “Empire Builder – Rumours and gossip” came out. Although part of the Empire Builder range, it can be used for any fantasy genre type setting or story. This has done quite well so far so the chances of a Sci-Fi/Modern version being made is looking good.


World Anvil

The last WA article covered Erus Campbell, a world famous diplomat and negotiator. Easthalen, despite it’s many flaws is one of relative internal peace. Minor skirmishes and the like do occur, but, for the most part, all out war with other House-Nations is a thing of the past. Demonic invasions, undead plagues, spells gone wild…thats another thing….

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




STA is back…but it it almost wasn’t! About 40 mins before the stream went live, Discord had a major problem and many people couldn’t even log in, or only use the basic functions. After i had finished creating several new swear words, we sort-of got it working via roll-20, but as my streaming software was set up for discord pickup and so on, the audio/music at the start was cut off and there was from some accounts a doubling/audio issues for the players.

However, the stream, in other respects, worked fine and left things on an exciting conclusion, which was the original plan for the season end.

If you missed the STA stream (or any other) VODs are always avilable right afterwards , for I *think* 60 days. I will be uploading STA stuff to the youtube channel. This will be done on the Wednesday after the stream, as part of the weekly update.

ESO has been going quite well. The new way I am connecting to the internet has made things almost 100% stable. My test with Guild Wars 2 seemed to yield positive results as well.

Towards the end of the month, I will be taking a small break from ESO and playing some kind of spooky/horror game. Yet to decide what this is , but a few ideas have been floated.

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I have finally got a template for the generators I am happy with that looks good and seems to work fine on all the machines/item it was tested on, despite a few teething issues. I will be going through the old generators and converting them to the new format ( a sample of which can be found HERE – click on the dice to roll a new result). Doing things this way will allow me to make the genrators more “modular” and re-use code , rather then having to reinvent the wheel.

As I convert each generator, I’ll be giving them a once over and tweaking, adding a few things here and there if warranted and so on. The page addresses/URLS wil NOT be changing, so your bookmarks will still be valid, jyst what is being displayed there.


Twitter Bot

I have created a new Twitter Bot, which after a short poll was nicknamed EGGBert (EGGBot or Ennead Games Generator Bot).  This runs every 4 hours and takes content from some of my previous made generators in the perchance system and outputs a sample result , along with a link to the PDF it was made from. Its free and not too spammy, so go give it a follow.


Other Stuff

Discord – At the moment Discord is being underused – by me, i know.  One plan I have for the future is more integration, with my streams, twitter and so on. More details to come.

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