Time for another weekly update on things.



New PDF came out this week – Name Maker Real World Volume 1 – Old English.  Going the focusing on Name Maker/HL to give me more time to work on learning something new (see later in this post).



I do plan on putting more generators on the site, but getting things back to speed has proved longer than i first thought. I *will* happen, just not sure when


World Anvil/World Building

Some exciting stuff in the WA side of things. With the “Project Dios” Kickstarter, I’ll be expanding my , well development and design of Easthalen. Oddly, this almost happhazzard way of doing things, along with my D&D 5e game has helped bring things to the foucs I need. The only real, well, issue is my mental and physical health and energy, but will cross that bridge when or if it becomes relevant.

World Anvil Page can be found HERE.




The Borderlands 2 play through is coming to a close with only one DLC “Fight for Sanctuary” to do. Once this is done, will be probably working through the following games:

  • No Mans Sky (short play through, maybe a week or two)
  • Borderlands Pre-Sequal
  • Guild Wars 2 (New Character and both expansions and maybe what living story chapters I have as well)
  • ESO (If I can get the expansion)

Twitch – Main https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus

Twitch – Streamlabs https://streamlabs.com/mobiustempus/v2


Other Stuff

I mentioned above about learning a new thing? Well on Monday , with assistance from some awesome people via Ko-Fi, I got my hands on Affinity Publisher. This is a DeskTop Publishing (DTP) and it allows me to do more design things in an easier and well, better, way. I still have to learn it, but it’s easier than I thought it would be and a decent one-off price. I have mentioned on twitter that I will still be using Word for now as i dont want to mess things up. I will still be using a word processor for the text, but Affinty for layout. It makes adding text, manipulating it, formatting it and so on sooo much easier its silly – I just have to learn HOW to get it do what I want. I’ll make sure to highlight here or on twitter my progress and let people know when the first PDF done via Affinty + Word is published.


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