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This week saw the release of the quick generator version of Quick Generator – SciFi Academy Class Names.  The extended version should be ut in just under two weeks, and will , like the expanded techno babble generator, have many, many more options – I worked out 75+ BILLION possible ones if you use up to three non-repeating descriptors, and frankly thats just silly numbers!


World Anvil

Last week saw the outline of Chekchek, the deity of chaos luck and chance – Their names comes from the language of their original people and is the sound that dice make when rolled.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




Oooh boy – got some good news coming up for streaming stuff

  • M – BL3 – Had some major technical issue with the last BL3 stream – caused by outages from my ISP across the entire country!
  • T – STO – Progress still being made on the fleet starbase – Reducing the amount i play STO has defiantly got rid of the approaching burnout i was starting to get with it – A great game, but anything, if played too much can makes things worse
  • W – GW2 – About one or two quests away from starting Path of Fire expansion!
  • T – LOTRO – Another day was spent doing festive stuff  – See also below!
  • F – SDV – Completed the communit center, got the orchard tress planted – now the quest for iridium begins!

A while ago, i played FFXIV, but got stuck due to issues i was having with one quest . There was quite recently a (still active at time of posting this) a free week of playtime. So, on a whim, i thought “lets give that danged quest another try, and if i cant do it, then at least i can say i gave it a go. So I did. Failed the first time then the difficulty option appeared. So i gave that a try, kinda zoned out a bit, was reading a online chat with some freinds before i realised i had the boss character down to about 10%..”I’m about to do it!”…then almost messed up…but i finally did it!!!

So, as promised, if i ever got past that quest , FFXIV will be returning. I will swap it out with LOTRO , but will still be playing LOTRO as I disovered i quite enjoy the gathering and crafting side of things in MMOS – heck i spent almost all last sunday on my cook/farmer leveling them and it felt great! The plan is not this week/thursday, but next week ..the potatoe shall return!…money allowing 🙂


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Other Stuff

Not much thi week – Had my 44th soloar orbit celebration/birthday on the 28th, now got my taxes to do now (sigh) so be kind to each other and may the dice roll ever in your favour!


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