Last night I quite streaming for the foreseeable future. Not sure if or when I will return to it, but for now, my streaming career is over. This post is going to cover why.


Simply put – Its not worth it anymore.  Despite the small number of regular viewers, the numbers I have been getting are WORSE then when I started. Combined with ongoing technical issues the bad sides of things was outweighing the good.


Good Points

  • Chatting with people
  • Playing games with people in chat and so on



  • Extra work load everyday
  • Increased stress, from each stream trying to work out how to improve things, be entertaining etc etc
  • On going technical issues that i would sort, only for a [censored] windows update to make worse, but each time being different so it would take a long time to sort, only to be messed up AGAIN with the next update or change making things worse slightly differently than  before.
  • Financial costs
  • Trolly/assholes in various games


The bad points tipped over compared to good a few months ago, but I stuck with it. In hindsight, that may have been a mistake. Last week I had what could best be described as a ASD meltdown, when one technical issue after another made things unplayable and upsetting as hell. I thought about things then, tried to come back and when , yet again, despite my every best efforts, hit with a technical issue that was so serious it messed up my mic and system audio settings extremely badly. The tech-issues last week, If I am honest, were still bugging me and upsetting to say the least.


And thats the crunch of things.


Despite my best efforts, despite putting what I could into this,, despite doing everything I could , i was, in effect, running as hard as i can to slow down things going backwards.


So, for now and the foresable future – I’m done. I *may* come back at some point in the future…but dont want to put a time frame on it.


I will continue to make RPG stuff and try and get more generators on the site, but streaming… au revoir…



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