Alchemical Forge

Some forges take iron and allow you to make it into a sword, or a dagger. This one takes, well, other materials and does the same. But the results are much, much different

 Alchemy, on some worlds, was an ancient branch of natural philosophy with Alchemists attempting to purify, mature, and perfect certain materials. The most famous Alchemical Tool is the Philosophers Stone. On Easthalen, the Stone can be used as part of a greater tool: The Alchemical Forge. Strictly speaking, no two Alchemical Forges are the same. Each has its own configuration and layout and ultimate purpose and so on. However, there are elements that all of them share: 

  • A place to house the Philosophers Stone (or other power source) and draw energy from it
  • An input system, into which the subject matter is placed
  • A control system – Where the various settings and options are selected
  • A export system – Where the changed item is located at the end of the process

 Some Alchemical Forges are simple in nature, designed only to make simple materials or purify base metals. Others are highly complex and can take items up the the size of an elephant in the input. Also, most alchemical forges have a limited range of what they can work with. It appears that the more options the AF has to work with, the greater the costs and the complexity of use. Rumors persist that somewhere, possibly in Guldaria , there lies the so-called Ultimate Alchemical Forge, once either created by [Halen , god of magic] or at the very least used by him in his mortal days.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Various alembics, tubes, burners and distilleries go together to make the Alchemical Forge.


Not all alchemists have an Alchemical Forge and there is no shame in not having one, but to possess one shows that you are skilled and wealthy, or have the support of those who are.


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