Dagger of Rot

Death does not come quickly to all

It has no power now, but when it did this dagger was one of most famous weapons in the whole realm. Legends say it was the blade that Furtha The Uncharitable used to inflict the Zombie Rot on the last queen of the Angors. Yes, thats right the queen who’s body rotted apart as if she was dead, whilst she was alive, her every living moment an agony of pain and suffering. Even though she was hated by many, I still say that what that dagger did to her should not be inflicted on anyone…ever…


The Dagger of Rot has a short blade with a bluish tint to it. It curves at the end slightly and has a hooked part to it. The guard is an odd type of gold that seems more yellow than golden. The handle is a simple leather piece and the pommel matches the guard. It is believed the blade has the blue colouration to prevent it from reflecting light, whilst others say it is the metal that gives it its primary power. 
When it was powered by magical energy, the blue bade could glow on mental command, bright enough to use as a lantern. The main power of the blade, however, was much more deadly. Anyone who was stabbed in the gut with the blade was inflicted with a form of leprosy known as “Zombie Rot”. This made the victims body act like it was dying but in a much slower time frame. A side effect of this is that only the most potent of healing spells could help the victim as parts of their bodies would slowly rot and fall off. After studying some victims, it appears the nerves are the last to go, meaning the victim feels their own flesh dropping off, painfully. 
The only real downside t the Dagger of Rot was that its power would not activate if it was on holy ground or if the target was considered to be “blessed” in any way

Mechanics & Inner Workings


There are many tales regarding how to charge up the Dagger. Most of them involve a ritual sacrifice, but all agree that one of the primary components is a cleric or other holy person associated with healing. The ritual corrupts the persons essence, flipping it from healing to the leprosy/zombification, and is then drawn out into the dagger. One tale says that there is a way of making this effect permanent if it can be used on the avatar or other physical representation of a supernatural beaing associated with healing. 


UnPowered If the Dagger of Rot is currently unpowered it can easily be destroyed. However, the remains must be treated as though they was hazardous materials and could potentially infect those who seek to remove them from the blade.


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