Erus Cambell, the bringer of Peace

We come together on this day, to bring peace to our world, our prison , to make sure we stand together , to deal with any problems. It will be hard, but i can tell you this – It would be harder alone and fighting each other

— Erus Cambell, closing Speach of the First Conclave of the Great Houses

 The period of time after the Halic War and the creation of the Great Barrier was one of great turmoil and conflict. Until the formation of the Conclave of House-Nations , wars were plentiful and threatened to destroy the allready put-apon inhabitants of this prison like location. Erus started life as a physical weakened child of Biblios . He parents, loving and caring, looked after him and let him spend all days in the various librarys and schools of the nation, rather then helping out on the family farm. The fact was that Erus was classed as a “late bloomer” and once puberty hit, he filled out and grew to be quite tall. This gangly youth got the attention of some of the various leaders and nobles when he saved the life of the child of a powerful local lord when one of the library shelves collapsed and Erus was able to push the child to safety, even though in the process it did break his arm. During his rest, the unrecorded lord offered Erus a scholarship as a thank you at a prestigious university known for being the type of place from which many leaders and politicians got their education. Encouraged by his parents, Erus took the chance and thus began his life-long career as a politician and diplomat. Over the years he developed a reputation as being a fair and equitable negotiator, only once raising his voice to loud levels when a representative of Guldaria threatened to pull out of negotiations. The stunned silence that followed impressed many of the representatives and made the opposite number from Corlak, land of the sentient items laugh out-loud. Despite a few setbacks over the years and the many triumphs, the one for which Erus is known and generally reffered to in the history books is the creation of the Conclave of House-Nations . Basing the idea on records he remembered reading from his youth, Erus spent 10 years traveling to the various House-Nations and negotiating trade deals, treaty and so on. To this day, it is not known how or where he got the scroll from which the 1st Conclave was signed, or , despite them knowing it had an enchantment on it to help enforce the rules, how he got the rulers to agree to everything. Some say that the fact he had both Bilblio and Corlak on his side made the more reluctant signee’s agree, but very reluctantly. The details of the scroll have been kept secret, but in essence, it magically enforces various rules and treaties apon each of those who sign it and the nations they represent. Many theories as to this item and where Erus obtained it sprung up. But over the years these fell out of favor as it was shown to be effective. It main purpose is to punish those who agree to something but then break their promises, such as treaties and the like. Erus himself lived many years after the 1st Conclave of the House-Nations. Retiring to Vapos , he spent his last days in peace, left to mind his own business and not harnessed by anyone. On his death, a day of mourning was held across the world, for the person who helped stopped many wars and , for the most part, brought peace to the world.


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