Eye of Explosive Light

I was the last one to see, hah, the eye in action. It was incredible, the light was mesmerizing. Then she unleashed its power. All of it at once. By the grace of the gods I was far enough away to not be seriously harmed but the explosion was like the birth of a demon made of light”. I was blinded for days. When my vision returned, I went back to the battle site. All that was left was a massive crater. No living soul remained, only their gear and equipment. At the bottom of the crater was the eye and nothing else.  Hermious Gren, General of the Elf-Dwarf Alliance 

   The Eye of Explosive Light is not technically an eye, but a small glass orb, about the size of an eyeball. It can be easily fitted into an eye socket as a glass eye but it’s colour and composition makes it obvious to any who see it that it is fake. It can only be used by someone who is missing an eye and who goals and methods are noble. Before its last use, the Eye had become known by many names. The Gaze of Truth, Revealing Light and other such epitaphs. The powers it possessed were many, from seeing the truth before it to discerning the presence of demonic beings. Those who have studied it believed that it contained many such powers, as long as it was connected with vision and goodness, the power manifested itself. All the user had to do was focus on the target, squint a bit and think about the effect they desired. As long as their goal was non-evil, the power activated. One of the previous users of the eye once tried to use its powers to harm someone who had angered them. The bolt of arcane energy arched round and hit the user in the back, injuring but not killing them. In terms of power, the EOEL was an artifact. Its last act was one of sacrifice to protect the mortal realms. Contained within the eye was the spirit of a fallen angel, who primary purpose was to bring death and destruction to demonic beings. The last battle that triggered the explosion was against the unknown angelic counterpart in the demonic legions. Their two powers cancelling out in an explosion that took their life and the lives of the hosts who willing carried them and knew the risks. It is believed that this battle was set up so these two being could finally meet and the artifact would fulfill its purpose and be destroyed. Sadly 99% of the mortals who were with them also perished and the landscape was damaged beyond repair. Legends say, that the eye from the angelic being and another item that was once part of the demonic like creature actually survived, or was transported to another location, as years later, rumors started up again about the very same object.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Known Powers The EOEL has , over the years exhibited many known abilities. Tales persists in telling that it is limited by the users imagination, but the following seemed to have occurred quite regular in its history:

  • Sunbeam
  • Magical Detection
  • Aura reading
  • Detection of invisible creatures
  • Dispelling illusions
  • Forcing the telling of truths


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