Helm of the Horse

Unleash your inner horse

The Horse Helm is quite impressive really. The High Priest used it to channel the power of his horse-god. It makes me laugh that people think it’s only restricted to horses. It’s not that limited. I have seen someone become a centaur, and even what resembled a dragon-like monster. The funniest use was when my good friend Bert wanted to become a centaur, but he had never seen one before and got a horse head and body of a man, I had never laughed so hard in my life!

  The user of the Horse Helm in effect can transform into any quadruped, but horses are the most common used and for many the easiest to mentally come to grips with. The more potent the form, the harder it is to stay in that shape. Activating the artifact is quite simple, one simply has to do it and mentally focus on the form they wish to assume. It is important to have a clear mental image of the form you desire. To end the effect you must simply will yourself back to normal form and remove the helm. Combined with the fact it came from a horse-like god, is what gave the artifact its name. It many other respects it is a rather boring looking helmet with a plume on it. It is believed it has the ability shift size to fit those who use it, as everyone who has tried it says it fits perfectly and is quite comfy to wear or extended periods of time. 

Secondary Power

One secondary power of the artifact is the ability to communicate flawlessly with any species that is naturally born with 4 or 6 legs. Those who have extra limbs through mutations or spell effect can still be communicated with, but it sounds like they have a heavy accent and confusion can sometimes occur. Another minor power is to turn a part of your body into that of a horse or other such creature. This can cause 


The downside to using this artifact is rather simple. Spending too long in a changed form you start to think you are the horse. Your mental capabilities drop to the same as a rather clever horse, but essentially, your mind is suppressed. Only a powerful spell effect can reverse this, but those who have been restored still retain some beast like qualities, especially in their speech or mannerisms.


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