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Incendiary Bourbon

“Lad, I think you may be mistaken…you don’t want to be drinking this at your age….no I dont doubt your constitution, but it’s….ok, it’s your money. Now I just need you to read and sign this waiver…”

comment often given to young people wanting to try this drink for the first time




Incendiary Bourbon is a glossy, emerald green liquid that has a faint smell some have described as “an old, yet clean latrine” and a light sulphurous taste. The bottle is traditionally kept in is normally one with a high silver content and, as shall become apparent later, a tight air-seal lid.


Despite its rather odd smell and taste, Incendiary Bourbon(IB) is quite popular, even though it is expensive to make. For you see, IB is a self-igniting flammable liquid.Some worlds discovered that certain liquids can burn or ignite quite easy, especially some potent alcohol ones. They are easy to make and use and the individual components required as not illegal or dangerous.


It is believed that the inventor of IB liked to have a small drink before bedtime that had a flame on the top, which they then quickly consumed. Being the type of lazy person that spends months working on something that does a thing automatically, rather than spend the 5 seconds it would take to do it manually, the unnamed, well, unknown inventor as their details were lost in a “mysterious” fire, created a drink that, when poured would after a few seconds ignite and they could enjoying their flaming beverage.


Sadly, as you could imagine there was a side effect that didn’t come to light until the product and recipe had been sold many times over.For you see, it was discovered that the liquid, which at first was believed to only self-ignite a few second after pouring did so when exposed to the air. If the container was left open or wasn’t, mostly, airtight, this would cause an explosive chain reaction.


Those of an anarchistic nature got wind of this quite quickly and brought up, or “acquired” all the stock. It was the perfect thing for them, a legal drink, and could be used for their purposes without having to carry a lighter or another source of ignition.This sudden spike in sales and the lack of stock made the drink famous almost overnight.


Of course, eventually, people caught on to its side effect, but after a quick court case, it was ruled that, like other liquids with potentially harmful effects, this drink could still be sold, but would require a licence and regulations to do so ..and of course would be taxed.


Those who drink it now are required to do so under supervision and with the signing of a legal waiver, with instructions to swallow it quickly.In some places, this has now become a right of passage among your adults, with each other daring their companion to keep the liquid in their mouth as long as possible before it ignites. Some manage to do so for quite a while, yet many find themselves in the apothecary, seeking a solution to the burning sensation in the mouth and maybe someway to get back at their laughing friends.


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