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In my attempt to be posting more regular and often, I’m posting some smaller articles instead of larger ones.  So, with that in mind…I present some sample conspiracies that are found in my homebrew world.

No, I won’t be telling who told me, they will find out and come for me…but trust me on this one…I have proof…

There are many conspiracy theories in Easthalen, as you would expect. Some are the more, well, “usual” ones about the deep state and so on. Rather than go through every single one known to “the man”, this article will highlight some of the more well-known ones.

But the question is, which ones are real and which are just ramblings…??

Some examples are listed below, feel free to use them modified or “as is” in your own world or story
“Big Alchemy” is putting things in the healing potions to make them less effective and addictive to adventuring types
There is a flying sentient castle that is, get this, BIGGER on the inside….
There used to be another moon, but it was blown up
The Elves who live in the Elf-Dwarf Alliance regularly smoke some powerful substances, why do you think they are called “high elves”
The gods don’t really exist and anyone who visits Halen’s Cathedral and claims to see them are being tricked for monetary gain!!
Something happened in the past to change things, replacing people and making things… different, yet the same!
Werewolves and other lycans are trying to suppress knowledge of “the truth” to create a god they can control.
Bards disguised as Clowns are trying to sacrifice us to you-know-who… to advance their religious agenda.
The Fighters Guild hiding in plain sight are trying to harvest emotions to start a civil war.
Druids from the ancient past are trying to acquire forbidden knowledge to bring about the end of civilisation!


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