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Silverbird Class Airship

Yeah I know, we live in a world where teleportation magic is commonplace, but you have seen what can happen when it goes wrong yeah? Like around Franner? That stuff is messy. Don’t get me wrong things can still go bad with airships, but at least you have an otherwise functional vehicle if the magic fails or you encounter a null zone…


The world of Easthalen is one of high-potential magic, tempered by the fact that this high power can and does go wrong. Solutions are found to problems that exist, workarounds and so on. In other realms and worlds, airships are whilst not common not so rare that people don’t know what they are. Most people, if they have not seen one, know what they look like and their purpose.. Due to a combination of the prohibition of flight around Franner and the Scroll of the Conclave, flying vehicles, both of the mechanical and arcane variety, never really took off (pun intended) outside of the home of the Imperial Engineers.


However, over the last 6 months or so, there has been increasing reports of a ship sighted, especially in the area around Port Ar, of a vehicle that resembles a dragon or some kind of avian formed into the shape of a sea vessel.Due to it’s silver, avian looking nature and the fact it has been spotted several times on both the water and one time flying, it has been dubbed the Silverbird.


[The following information is only available to those who have level 5 or higher security clearance, if you do not have this, stop reading now or the embedded enchantments within this document will damage your mind as it wipes the information from your brain.]


The Silverbird class prototype had multiple internal arcane enhanced systems, including an interior that was internally dimensionally bigger than the outside suggested. However, after an encounter with a mutated gargantuan creature (see incident report #247 – grade 3 security or above required for details) replicating this proved almost impossible. Since then the Silverbord class design spec has been reduced down to a more regular internal design, with a focus on the amplification system.


The Amplification System, also known as the Amp-Helm, was considered the crowning success of the original project – So much so that attempts are now being made to duplicate this system into other vessels. It does seem though that to take full advantage of this a vessel needs to be built with an Amp-Helm in mind. Using an Amp-Helm on a non-optimised vessel results in only a 20% amplification at best. This is still a valuable technology and can prove to be useful for almost every vessel that it is fitted to.


The Amp-Helm, the main system of the Silverbird Class,  takes the properties of the pilot and channels them through the ship and the focusing crystal at the front. This, in effect, amplifies the various aspects of the Pilot by up to a factor of 100, but only one aspect at a time. For example, if a pilot could cast a spell that created a fog cloud up to 10 feet in diameter, this could, in theory, create a cloud up to 1000 meters across.


The 100 amplification is the upper limit and doing so will drain the pilot energy quite quickly – if the pilot is in poor health this could render them unconscious or even kill them. Typical most of the time an amplification of around 20 is used. This still drains the user, but only by a small bit and typically for just that spell energy.This effect can be used by almost anyone but is optimised by those who have mastered the arcane arts.


The Amp-Helm can channel almost any spell or divine miracle and make it more powerful, but only whilst the pilot or someone authorised to use the helm is in place. Only one person at a time can use the Amp-Helms ability and only one effect can be in place at a time. If for example, a speed boost was active, then it would have to be deactivated to use the amplification for a lightning bolt or other destructive spell.It is this property that has caught the attention of The Great Houses.


The whereabouts of the second ship with the Silverbird designation (believed to be the original rebuilt) is a high priority for many of the Houses right now, especially with the rumours about the destruction of the Scroll of The Conclave and the sighting of multiple dragons attacking the nations. The authors of this document believe that the Silverbird and its crew will play an important role in the war that is inevitably coming.


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