Tembius – Time & travel/movement

“Watch your words foolish one. You know who I am and what I am capable of. Through the power of my God I can not only kill you, but make it so you never existed and every last particle of you would be aware as He unmade your very essence…” 

– High Cleric of Tembius – Battle of Stondar, Legends of Before the Barrier

  Pronunciation : Tem-be-us 


 Like many others, Tembius had another name in their mortal life. Tembius in Terrex means “Explorer” and lends some weight to the stories that that particular Great-House was his home. The god of time, travel, movement and to a lesser degree exploration. When starting on a long journey, it is a common practice to give an offering or to seek his blessing through a quick prayer.  

Early Life

 From all accounts, Tembius is the oldest of the 2nd generation of deity and claims to be the first to discover the Godshard . Assuming the stories about growing up in Terrex are true it would appear that his family would have been part of the first wave of settlers to that land from an unknown and far away realm. His family, from all accounts, were an eclectic bunch, with various jobs and roles in the community. Whilst the life of a settler was sometimes harsh, it was full of opportunity and with a new world to explore, so much to seek out and find.  


 Coming from a large extended family meant that he grew up always surrounded by people. Whilst he adored them, especially the younger family members, the constant attention was something that he needed to take a break from at times. To this end, Tembius would explore the area around his family home, the woods and ruins were plentiful. It seems, that fate/destiny or some other force had a hand in getting his family to pick this location, as buried practically under the location where their home would be, was a godshard. At this point in the history of the world, the previous generation of deities had been gone for a long period of time. The power of clerics was limited to simple miracles. There was a form of residial divine power left in the world, but without an influx of energy, this would eventually disappear. The nature of the compact that Tembius struck with the godshard is unknown, even to his high clerics. But the effect of it changed the world for ever. As with other ascensions, the side-effect was widespread. This was a major one. Some historians believe that the very act, of becoming the first of the 2nd generation, reactivated and somehow alerted the other shards. The block on divine energy was removed and clerics around the world found their powers returning. The age of the new gods had begun.   

The Ban of Temporal Magic

With the ascension of Halen and the Mage War , some of the clerics of the various gods were getting desperate. They knew the stories of old, of how their connection to the divine font of power had been shut off before. If Halen fully completed his ritual, all divine power would be going from and too him.  At this point in history, temporal magic was not banned – It was considered dangerous, but only a few highly skilled spellcaster could use it and only with the blessing of Tembius. The desperate act towards the end of the Mage War, of hurling a massive meteor-like object at Halens birthplace, before he began his ritual of binding was one that was approved by Tembius. Why a meteor was used is not fully understood, but some think it was to increase the chances of something, anything hitting the target. There was, as you can imagine, a major miscalculation. The asteroid/small rock that was grabbed was much larger than anticipated and something within it threw off the calculations. In a panic, the casters did what they could – They could not alter the destination, but they could change the time destination. Aiming to throw it into the far distant future, they instead sent it into the distant past, where it crashed into what would become the eastern part of what is currently called the Halenic continent. This impact created a massive crater, which eventually flooded and became the Circle Ocean. To their horror, as they figured out where it had landed, the casters figured that the point of impact was the one that would eventually become Franner Island , the birthplace of Halen. Indirectly, they had set up the birth of the very being they were trying to defeat. This act of attempting temporal manipulation led to the world-wide ban of temporal magic. It also caused a problem for the other gods. Tembius was the oldest and without him they would literally not exist. The was talk among the divine beings of what to do with him. Even the Gods of Chaos feared what an vengeful god that had control of time and movement would do. Meavona – Love/Relationships suggested to him that his role be changed. Instead of controlling and manipulating time he would focus on the monitoring, making sure no-one else attempted to change the past. The lesser aspects of his role, that of travel and journeys, would be more emphasized. This , coming from Meavona, mollified him. The rest of the gods now keep a close eye on Tembius out of fear and in some cases, respect. Even Halen himself has said that the one deity he never wanted to face off against , before the ritual of binding, was one that could undo his existence.

Divine Domains

  • Time (now monitoring rather than manipulation)
  • Travel
  • Movement
  • Journeys

Holy Books & Codes

Any historical reference book is considered to be a book a book of Tembius. He is not a fan of an officla rules about him

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An hourglass within a circle

Tenets of Faith

  • The journey is as important as the destination
  • Thous shalt not attempt to change what has happened


March/Tembius the 28th – Ascension day

Divine Goals & Aspirations

  • Monitoring and keeping time travel spells banned.
  • Spells that look into the future are allowed, but with the caveat that it shows a *possible* future, not an exact one
  • Preventing further manipulation by others.


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