The Cosmology of Easthalen

“The Four orbit us, to remind us of the gods of old, not the new ones that took up the mantle when required. Would not surprise me if that is where they went, with each pantheon their own moon. Rather sad we cant go there….still..I am wondering why there are four….?”

The Four Moons

Easthalen is a world with four known moons. Other numerous smaller and irregular objects can be discovered. Old tales from Pre-Barrier times match up, mostly, with whats is currently observed in orbit. Due to the fact they are beyond the barrier, they can only be seen and not traveled to, even with the most potent of spells, due to the globe like Great BarrierOfficially, there are four objects classed as a “moon” in orbit of the world on which Easthalen sits.

  • Albias
  • Berona
  • Chamala
  • Octrana


Albias Orbit – 10 days, innermost fast and smallest of the four, has a white tint to it
Berona Orbit – 20 days, the second faster, is the next in order. Has a greyish tint to it
Chamala Orbit – 40 days, third in the progression larger then its other siblings , has a reddish tint to its soil
Octrana Orbit – 80 days – largest and slowest of the four. Furthest away from the planet. Has a metallic blueish silver look to it.
The Ring At certain locations, especially in the southern most parts of the world, dangerously close to the Great Barrier and well within The Bleed at certain times of the year, with a powerful enough viewing method (spell or tech), the edges of a ring in orbit of the world can be seen.

Curious Facts

  • The orbits cycles are perfect, down to a few seconds – A common joke is that several timepieces are set by the orbits of the moons they are that accurate
  • The distances between the moons are non-variable, They do not move from their orbits.
  • The first letter names of the moons is A, B, C and D
  • There is no mention in any of the creation texts or legends from any of the major races about the Overseer and the First Generation creating any moons until about 10,000 years before the creation of the Great Barrier. Not even Biblios has any reference to the moons before that time period – This leads some to believe that the moons are all artificial or brought from elsewhere., which simply raises further questions…
  • A few stories that do exist from that time have mention of a 5th larger moon that could be argued to be a sister planet, that was destroyed to form The Ring.
  • Due to the angle and placement, The Ring can only be seen in the south most, and very dangerous, area of Easthalen – This has caused many to believe it does not even exist.
  • The name of the planet on which Easthalen resides was scrubbed from all historical records and living memory by Halen as part of his ritual for unknown reasons. Debates and meetings from the various organisations about what the planet is called and what it should be called for now occur on a regular basis.


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