The Deities of Easthalen

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The deities of Easthalen are divided up into three major groups or pantheons. Unlike the pantheons of other worlds in Easthalen their divine are split along the so-called “Law-Neutral-Chaos” lines. It is believed by many that the reason for this split rather then good/neutral/evil is that the gods themselves , especially the second-generation ones having been ascended from mortals or not truly “good” or “evil” and so to categorize them that way would not work.

The pantheons go by many names and titles, but the simplest way to think of them is as: Gods of Law Gods of Neutrality Gods of Chaos .  Within each group, there are three tiers of supernatural beings:

  • The Greatest – Only 4, the most powerful or most skilled. These are the ones who lead their respective pantheons, but are also bound to keep Halen , god of magic asleep.
  • The Major – These are the servants and assistants of the Greatest. They are the archangels, the demon princes, the agents who work their masters will in the world. Immortal and powerful, these agents , like the ones the serve, work to further their ledges goals and of the pantheons to which they belong. This can confuse those from other worlds and you occasionally get angelic beings working alongside those with demonic heritage if their controllers are in the same pantheon. These are limited in number, but it varies from deity to deity how many they have and the structure of the organisation. In turn they control or command the so-called minors supernatural entities.
  • The Minor – Spirits, newly ascended mortals and fallen major beings. There are an unknown and theoretically infinite number of these. Within this tier are sub-tiers , factions, groups and such. Each of them working to improve their standing and that of the deity to which they have pledged their allegiance. Very rarely do they interact directly with the Greatest, but take orders and directions from the Major beings. These are most the most diverse groups, in shape, gender, power, personality and more.


Gods of Law

Bound by the rules, both of nature and their own making, these deities seek to keep things right. They sometimes do what others might be considered to be evil, but if it keeps to the rules, they are happy. Of course the “rules” can be changed, but its a long process and not-done lightly. Some consider them cruel , others are paragons or order. 


Gods of Neutrality

The keepers of the balance. In many ways the most powerful and popular of the pantheons. They understand that not everything is good/evil or right/wrong. That the path they take is not a middle one, but one where both sides have, for the most part, equal merit. Good may be compassionate and emphatic, but “evil” gets the job done. A sword is not inherently good or evil, but what one does with it is. Two quotes sum up their philosophy would be “Actions speak louder than words” and “The pendulum must always be free to swing” 


Gods of Chaos

There is a common misconception that the Gods of Chaos are a “everyone for themselves” pantheon. For certain individuals, this may be true. But a better description would be “Unbound and free” – The good ones know when they can break the law , such as stealing to feed a hungry child. The evil ones simply don’t care or follow their own rules, when they feel like it: “The rules are more like guidelines”. The good ones will convince and break the law if needed to help others, the evil ones will torture, both for their enjoyment and to get the required information and so on.  


The Others

 There is a fourth group of deities , ones that don’t belong to a pantheon for various reasons. At the current moment in time , there are only several known supernatural entities who belong to this loose group. 

  • Halen , god of magic
  • Xindaren believed to be manifestation of the original primal void that existed before creation.
  • Overseer The name of the creator goddess, maker of the first generation, bringing of light and stability.
  • The Fourteenth – A title given to an unknown deity, believed to be the only supernatural being from “Over There” – Rumors suggest it is an aspect of Halen, but travel to the Other Place is required to confirm more.


Known Facts

 There are several facts “known” about the gods. Some are true, some are merely “known” I.e. Everyone thinks they know but it is in fact a fabrication or rumour.

  • Gods can be killed by mortals
  • Mortals can become gods – It requires a god fragment & there are two types – 1st gen and 2nd generation fragments. The first generation allow user to become a primal or major god, 2nd allows for a minor deity or immortal
  • Ascension is different for each mortal. – once achieved the fragment returns to the world – Regular magic cannot detect these and each Fragment is different for each god in terms of shape or design, goals, methods of ascension etc. Some say that someone in possession of a God-Fragment can tell if another being has one of if they are close to one.
  • The current deities were all mortals at some point in the past, except one.
  • If the user takes over a major god, they take over the roll in Halen imprisonment as well
  • Each god has a different role in the imprisonment of Halen, related to their portfolio or aspect.
  • Only 12 major gods can exist at once, but an unlimited amount of minor ones, with each one following/works for/enslaved by one of the major ones
  • The major gods do not have portfolios as such, but they do have an aspect or which they are known, this is related in someway to their patron.
  • The minor gods do have portfolios, and they are strictly stuck to.
  • Minor gods can change the deity they are assigned to by various methods.


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