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The Fallen 12

“Your base desires found the door, your cravings opened it. Now..speak foolish one and tell us what it is you really want. Wealth? Power? Ah, you wish to experience something no-one else has ever felt or seen before? Are you sure? Very well…let us begin”

Record of a summoning of the Fallen, translated

 The Fallen go by many names, many of which are not said out loud. Some have the belief that they are demons from an unknown plane, others that they are remnants from the dawn of time made manifest. They are thought to be legends and myths, creatures used in children morality tales, to frighten them into behaving.  There are 12 of them in total, and the stories say that the more of them that appear at once, the more in trouble you are. Seeing one of them is considered to be a bad omen, two is more severe and so on. So far, the most seen together is 4, but as with anything like this, the teller was not believed. They are creatures of desire, of self-gratification, of the pursuit of things taken to its extreme. Fanatics of their aspect, their only true loyalties are unknown. They are those fallen from the grace of the divine, cursed to wander the world. Dark beings that are mirrors to the holy ones. Their goals are unknown, but to see even one is an omen of terror and fear. Something that scholars and researchers have noticed is that they have cropped up in every culture and whilst minor details about them vary, they all share some common details, leading some to believe, and with good reason, that these creatures are very real.  

  • 12 beings, each of potent power – They arguably could all be considered to be “evil” by the general population.
  • 4 of them can be considered to be lawful, in that they will keep their promises.
  • 4 of them are neutral – They will generally not make promises, but will not break them either
  • 4 are chaotic – They have a set of rules that them is more like guidelines and will break their promises if they so choose to do so.
  • They are not demons, but share many aspects of the true beings known as demons.

   Among the scholars that are aware that these individuals are real beings and several hypotheses as to their nature have sprung up over the centuries:

  • They are manifestations of the original forms of the 12 main deities, created when their mortal-forms ascended to divinity
  • The fact that they appeared in records and stories at various points around the world at practically the same time suggests that thair manifestation or birth was organised by an outside force
  • They do have a goal of some-kind and hints have been dropped that they will reward greatly those that assist in it. This is what leads to some seeking them out
  • Each can be summoned by a certain ritual or item. The ritual or item itself is different for each of them and is quite objectively simple, yet requires one very vital component – Their name.
  • Their forms are varied and mutable, but each as an aspect of one of the 12 deities.
  • They cannot be killed, only their physical form disrupted. The lawful ones will accept their defeat as “payment” the chaotic ones will seek extreme vengeance on the one who bests them and their loved ones, with the neutral ones seeking to only extract vengeance on the one who beat them
  • Whilst they are very powerful, they each can only operate with a certain purview, each a reflection or copy of the deity to which they seem to draw inspiration from
  • Generally, each works alone with no servants or followers etc., unless multiple have been summoned at once. They will work together if summoned together but will never fight each other. Anyone who summons one of them to fight another of the Fallen will have a very bad time


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