Razor Plains

Grass and metal combined into one

“Ya might want to be careful before going to try and set up a farm in that area over there. Oh, it’s not cursed or infected with the nano-phage or anything like that. That there be a patch of Steel Grassland. You must be new here if you didn’t recognise it. See the way it slightly reflects the sunlight? Go ahead, feel the blades of the grass itself, but never the edge, that stuff is like a field of blades sometimes. Sure you might get lucky and not cut yourself, but there are so many that you’d be better off running through a pane of glass…and never ever try to use a scythe on this stuff…”

 The Razor Plain, located in northern Biblios is the largest area of the type of grass known as Razor Grass. When you first see Razor Grass, the first thing that many people notice is the slight reflective sheen to the grass. Close examination reveals that the grass, whilst looking like normal grass in terms of coloration, is very sharp, almost like a field of miniature swords. This flora, whilst in the ground, is highly resistant to heat and impact. Once it is removed it can be melted down and the metal content it contains used safely. 


Whilst Iron is the most common material the RG can be made from, there are others, such as copper, gold or the much feared Wild Steel

Flora & Fauna

Razor Grass has the potential to grow anywhere in Easthalen there is high amounts of iron in the soil and were grass would normally be able to grow. However, there is an absence of any larger than a field mouse to be found living there. Any creatures that live within the RG do so as a form of protection from larger predators and not consume the grass itself.

Natural Resources

If one is able to harvest the RG it provides a good source of renewable iron and other materials, as the RG does not “extract” the iron ore underground but more takes on it properties and integrates into its own structure. The downside is that in doing so it also become harder to harvest in mass numbers and quickly. This “extracted” material is of a high purity and quality but does not have other properties not inherent to the material.





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