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One of the features of World Anvil is the time-line feature. It gives you a way of visualising major events for various topics, such as for a character, town or of course the world itself. It can be divided up into various eras, with a common format being a “before”, and milestone events and “after”, such as the so-called B.C. and A.D , which is often referred to now as “before common era” etc.

You can add events manually to the timeline as you go, using the linked/connections features to link to other articles and pages.

Something to note: During the campaign, an event was changed, altering the timeline a little bit. Whilst this didn’t have a major effect, thanks to the efforts of a rather annoyed temporal-focused deity, some things did change, but, overall, the majority of the events, from a world point of view, stayed the same, just some character goals changed, those thought dead were now alive etc.

The original unfinished version can be found on this page.

Whilst there are, at least internally with my notes, 2 master timelines, a pre-history/ancient history one that covers events from the creation of the universe and other unknown  epochs and the more “current” one, for this timeline, there are two parts to the “main” timeline:

  1. Before Barrier (BB) – Covers events before the creation of the Great Barrier. Sometimes referred to as Pre-Barrier or PB.
  2. After Barrier(AB) – Covers events after the Great Barrier was formed.

The Great Barrier, is, as you can imagine, a major part of the world of Easthalen – I’ll be covering the updated version of it in a future article but you can read the older version of the article about it if you want.

To begin with, have added two important events , placeholders for now to show off the time features.

  1. The start of the Mage War
  2. Creation of the Barrier

These two events are probably the most important as the first lead the to second one and thus the premise for the entire campaign world.

Main Timeline Page


Next time (heh) I’ll be going over  and updating the calendar as , like the timeline, is quite important in knowing when events occurs and so forth.

Easthalen – My homebrew campaign world

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