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For anyone who plays a TTRPG the cliche of “starting in a tavern” can get old quickly. So this PDF was made with that in mind (but yes there is a start in tavern option). This

Original Date of publication:1st October 2018

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Campaign Starts

You have your world ready, your players have their characters all designed. But you have one small problem…how to start the campaign?

Do they start in a prison, not knowing each other and awaiting execution? Are they on a high-speed train, running out of control and about to crash?

These are important details you need to decide on before the campaign starts, as it can set the tone for the whole collection of games and stories you are about to undertake.

Campaign Starts is designed to help you with this problem. Giving you 50 hooks or way to start your campaign, many with sub-options or further refinements.

They can be used for practically all genres, although some may be more suitable for certain genres when compared to others.

50 Campaign/Story starters
Sub options for many of the starters to give even more variations and ideas

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