White-Cap Mushroom
Whilst out in the garden/estate one day, amateur mycologist (someone who studies fungus) Georgio Cumundi discovered an odd white mushroom. Whilst is resembled a normal Amanita Thiersii mushroom, it had an oddly sharp point to the brilliantly and bright white cap. As it was morning time, the dew that had collected had not only made the mushroom sticky, but it was giving off a rather strong and oddly pleasant smell, like a cross between vanilla and chocolate, which was what had attracted Georgio in the first place.

On investigation, this was a new types of fungus that had not been seen before. Typically found in small groups of about 3 or 4, these fungi grow rapidly and seemingly overnight and see to last for a few days before decomposing. About 2 to 3 weeks later some more fungi grow in the same spot, with at least one growing 50 meters away in a seemingly random direction. As tis is a new species of fungus, this behavior has only been observed in the grounds of Cumundi’s estate.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Some say that when cooked and boiled in certain liquids the mushroom develops a rather potent narcotic effect that has no downside, such as risk of addiction.
  • If dried then mixed with other typical ingredients, the mushroom gives off a smell that people find rather disgusting and induces nausea. The potential uses of this being used as a non-violent way of controlling and apprehending people is being investigated.
  • The fungus doesn’t seem to grow anywhere else, at least not naturally. The land where it was first discovered is being dug up and rumours are surfacing that the are is contaminated somehow.
  • Georgio is believed to have died after frying up this mushroom for his breakfast, convinced it was safe to do so. any think he isn’t dead, but there is no doubt he has gone missing and has not been seen in public for almost 3 weeks.
  • The only sample of viable fungus from his estate has gone missing. Georgio only told 3 people about the discovery and believes it to be , if not one of them, then someone they told.

Inspired by : Amanita thiersii

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