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To follow on from the world-building questions, this week’s d20 list gives you 20 quick descriptions of various musical instruments.

Roll a d20 and see what you get!

  1. Accurate Cittern
  2. Adequate Guitar
  3. Angular Clarinet
  4. Blood-Stained Ocarina
  5. Crushed Suona
  6. Enormous Trumpet
  7. Extensive Harp
  8. Gigantic Sarod
  9. Light Lute
  10. Modern Dizi
  11. Ornate Lyre
  12. Plain Chimta
  13. Shiny Piano
  14. Showy Viol
  15. Sizable Oud
  16. Timeworn Mbira
  17. Tiny Berimbau
  18. Ugly Hulusi
  19. Venerable Tambourine
  20. Wrecked Gong


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Equipment Maker #11 – Musical Instruments

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