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Space stations/Colonies can often become quite expansive, especially the older ones.  These rooms can vary from location to location, and the size of course may differ. The list below gives you 20 ideas or concepts for rooms/modules that may be found along with a one-word descriptor, such as “boring” or “modified.”

The d20 list gives you 20 possible ideas, quick descriptions or concepts for areas that can be found on a space station or colony.

Roll a d20 and see what room or module you find whilst exploring!

  1. Basic Restaurant
  2. Boring Hanger
  3. Bright School
  4. Cold Mine
  5. Colourful Operating Room
  6. Crooked Theatre
  7. Defective Forge
  8. Dusty Slum
  9. Faulty Timber Yard
  10. Fortified Transport Hub
  11. Haunted Mess Hall
  12. Modified Recycling plant
  13. Modular Biology Lab
  14. Ominous Building Yard
  15. Oversized Repair Bay
  16. Overstaffed Prison
  17. Quarantined Freezer
  18. Rudimentary Hydroponics
  19. Undersized Sensor Grid Control
  20. Warped Comms Array

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