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According to some definitions, mega-fauna covers any creature over 45 kilograms, which can include most adult humans.
Another it thats its any creature over 1,000 kg (kilogram) threshold. Commonly, in both academic and popular writing, it refers to land mammals larger than a human and not solely domesticated.

For this world-building article, I’m extending its definition to encompass any creature over 1,000 kg no matter the terrain, so it covers land, sea, air and even the void (for sci-fi-based settings).

This set of questions also focuses on, generally, the largest mega-fauna species (MF) but can apply to multiple/various.

  1. Are they a lone creature or move in herds?
  2. Does it provide a reknewable rescource (wool, milk etc)
  3. How agressive is the MF?
  4. How big is its teritory (per MF)
  5. How do local poplation deal with the MF?
  6. How much does the MF weigh?
  7. What does it eat and drink?
  8. What is the biggest this MF can get?
  9. What is the name of the largest MF species?
  10. Where can it be found?

Bonus question – How often does the MF reproduce and how many offpsring per cycle?


List of world-building prompts & questions

List of prompts and questions for characters

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