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Today’s list harkens back to those adventure modules of old where the dungeon/location had slightly over-the-top or grandiose names, describing the horrors of what those who would explore it might find there…

  1. The Black Theatre of Legends
  2. The Cavern of the Blood
  3. The Corridor of Pain
  4. The Decaying Garden of the Endless Wrath
  5. The Dungeon of Valour
  6. The Forgotten Crypt of Gods
  7. The Hidden Home of the Laughter
  8. The Lab of the Dreams
  9. The Labyrinth of Frost
  10. The Normal Smith of the Void
  11. The Noxious Apothecary
  12. The Pagoda of the Arcane
  13. The Portal of Schemes
  14. The Primordial Warehouse of Angels
  15. The Scorched Brewery of Ascension
  16. The Secret Castle of the Boiling Exodus
  17. The Silver Nest of the Brutaly Reawakened
  18. The Uncanny Passage of the Beast
  19. The Weird Menagerie
  20. The Yellow Cellar of the Buried Horde


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