A cartoon looking sewers, dark, with several grates, a light shining through from above and red eyes in the shadows

Urban Feature Volume 1 – Sewers

Waste disposal and place of exploration for some

Sewers are a necessary part of life in many parts of the world. They act as a way of moving waste material from one location to another in a method that, hopefully, reduces diseases and other issues. This waste is then either processed or simply disposed of.

Despite their nature, sewers can often be featured in stories and games as places where the adventure might happen, due to a fleeing criminal, the lair of some interesting mutated turtles or simply where someone has to go to retrieve a lost item whilst dealing with the hazardous nature of the place.

This publication gives you a series of tables that can help you give more details to descriptions of sewers and what may be found in them, apart from the obvious “material” that is of course.

Features tables/aspects that cover…

  • Age/Time period
  • Atmosphere/Descriptor
  • Condition
  • Encounter
  • Entrance/Exit
  • Fauna
  • Features/Landmarks
  • Flora
  • Hazards/Obstacles
  • Things Found

And a brief mapping system that covers…

  • Size
  • Direction
  • Shape

Designed to be used alongside “Dungeon Maker” by Ennead Games, but that is not required to use this – that publication provides more options and features that would be suitable for here.


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